Braces Colors

Braces Color Ties

One of the fun and exciting things about having braces is that you can change the braces color ties at each appointment.

What are braces color ties? 
Well the braces themselves are metal or clear ceramic, however the "braces color tie" is a tiny elastic band that wraps around each of the braces to hold the orthodontic wire in place.  The orthodontic wire actually does the work of moving the teeth.  The braces color tie just holds the wire in place.

Which braces colors should I choose?
Whatever you want!  But some good ideas are;
> Coordinate your braces with school colors
> Coordinate your braces with an outfit
> Support your favorite team by matching your braces colors
> Support a cause
> Match a holiday like black and orange for Halloween or red and green for Christmas

Can I pick more than one color on my braces?
Sure, 2 colors are the most common, but we can do more.  The toughest for the assistant to do is "The Rainbow" with a different color on every tooth.  So if you are going to ask for that, make sure you are extra nice.

What is Power Chain?
Power chain is a chain of braces color ties that are linked together.  It is most often used to close spaces between teeth.  One disadvantage of power chain is that it you can only have one power chain color per arch; however you can have one power chain color for the upper teeth and another power chain color for the lower teeth.

Which braces color should I choose?
You should be sure you can live with the braces colors you picked until your next appointment, which may be up to 8 weeks.  So if you can, use the braces color selector before your appointment so you are ready to go when the assistant asks you which braces colors you want. 


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Braces Color Selector

Braces Color Selector

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